NewsHigh performance heavy-duty engine oils from Finol Oils

December 10, 20210

Productivity. Fuel economy. Vehicles that work more and get repaired less. These are the things that make a real difference to your business. Can a heavy-duty diesel engine oil help deliver that?

Petro-Canada’s Duron line of premium performance multigrade diesel engine oils deliver industry-leading protection against increased wear, which can lead to lower productivity and impaired fuel economy.

They have been specifically designed to outperform various ACEA performance requirements, as well as various API service requirements, such as CK-4, CJ-4 and previous.

These diesel engine oils exceed the highest standards of performance and provide extended drain capabilities and excellent all-weather performance.

Duron heavy duty diesel engine oils deliver superior engine protection and operational efficiency. Made with high quality base oils and premium additive chemistries, Duron outperforms API and ACEA requirements, as well as demanding OEM specifications to provide tangible benefits such as longer engine life, extended oil drain intervals, better all-weather performance and better efficiency resulting in increased productivity.

Key Benefits

  • OEM Approvals:

The Duron suite of products has been approved by OEMs such as Volvo, Scania, Renault Trucks, MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Cummins to name but a few.

  • Ultimate wear protection:

Superior engine protection, reduces downtime and helps lower maintenance costs

  • Advanced Engine Protection:

Ultra-pure, consistent quality base oils help minimise engine sludge and piston top groove deposits, thereby maintaining ‘like new’ engine conditions. Duron provides protection and performance that exceed the expectations of leading OEMs.

  • Reduced oxidative thickening:

Helps maintain peak fuel economy, extends drain intervals and ensures continued low temperature protection.

  • Better Low Temperature Pumpability:

Exceptional cold start-up protection

  • Better Shear Stability:

High Viscosity Index (VI) base oils and shear stable viscosity modifiers help maintain stay in grade viscosity performance for reduced engine wear and improved engine protection over the life of the oil. Duron’s exceptional after shear viscosity retention helps protect your engine.

  • Reduced oil consumption:

Low volatility base oils decrease vaporisation, so less oil is lost, efficiency is improved, and the oil retains more of its fresh oil properties, while also reducing the frequency of top-ups.

Petro-Canada’s Duron range is available from Finol Oils. To find out more about this range go to or speak to Finol’s dedicated technical team at 01-455 5484.

Finol Oils will be exhibiting at next year’s CV Workshop EXPO, which takes place from May 7-8, 2022 at Citywest Exhibition Centre in Dublin.