UncategorizedCubo added to CV Workshop EXPO lineup

September 23, 20220

Telematics experts Cubo enables its customers to increase efficiencies and safety. Cubo’s solutions span five main areas, and all data is accessed on one web-based platform – My Cubo. 

Connectivity: Keeping your workforce connected.  Compliance: The tools you need to stay compliant. Sustainability: Analysing the environmental impact of your operations.  Safety: Protecting your most valuable assets. Efficiency: Making your operations more efficient.

Cubo will be showcasing Seeing Machine’s Guardian product which is powered by AI to monitor driver’s face and eyes to determine alertness– intervening in cases of unsafe driver behaviour.

The team will also be demonstrating its technology which is available via The Greener HGV Programme, which Cubo delivers in partnership with the Irish Government and The Southern East Energy Agency.

Visit Cubo on stand U11.