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June 23, 20220

Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids continue to be of increasing importance for workshops. Featuring a market coverage exceeding 90 per cent, the Bosch range includes cabin filters for most electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the European market.

In view of the changing aftermarket business concerning electric vehicles, the broad Bosch range of cabin filters provides workshops with good chances for additional turnovers. Cabin filters protect the vehicle interior and the vehicle occupants against fine dust, aerosols, bad smells, allergens and bacteria – even in case of electric vehicles. The new generation Filter+pro is also highly effective against viruses and mold.

Bosch recommends replacing them ever 15,000 kilometres or at least once a year, especially prior to the pollen and hay fever seasons.

Cabin filters with an activated-carbon layer ensure increased comfort and health protection inside the vehicle cabin. Specially matched filter layers of Bosch activated-carbon filters reliably absorb harmful and foul-smelling gases and filter the air separating pollen and fine dust.

On top of this, Filter+ also provides additional protection for allergic sufferers. Equipped with a special anti-allergy layer, it even lastingly neutralises allergens and bacteria.

Moreover, it also efficiently separates fine dust down to 2.5 micrometres in size, according to Bosch. This allows reducing allergic reactions of vehicle occupants such as sneezing, irritated, reddened or watering eyes – especially during the pollen season. In addition to this health protection, Bosch says its cabin filters also reduce the amount of deposits on the air conditioning system thus supporting its energy-efficient operation.

Including the broad range for electric and hybrid passenger and commercial vehicles, Bosch offers workshops more than 600 different types of cabin filters thus achieving a market coverage of 95 per cent.

Adding new vehicle applications, this range is annually expanded. Using high-quality materials and by means of thorough processing, Bosch ensures consistently high product quality. This results in cabin filters optimally fulfilling their tasks.

Bosch will be exhibiting at this year’s Auto Trade EXPO, which takes place from Saturday and Sunday, October 15-16 at the RDS Simmonscourt in Dublin.